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This just took madness combat to a whole 'nother level!

I cannot stop watching this lol!

This is nice. I like each moment where they're like "you must die!"

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I would be good if I had a mouse on me lol

DarkInRed responds:

Thanks for review! I will upload the third version that is compatible with a touch screen...

Challenging dude! But I like it!


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I like how you used the piano along with the pads in the beginning. The beats were really good. The breakdown was also really calm. The pluck synth isn’t exactly my favorite. The buildup was okay. I didn’t like it when the drops synths filtered up in the drop. The notes were clashing because they didn’t fit the scale. But the drop was really cool. After the drop had a nice little soft area with smooth pads. I then like it with the beats and the 808s/bass. I think the bass gave it a cool little layer. The outro was pretty cool.
Overall it wasn’t too bad. The mixing was good. I do think it was a bit rushed. I think some transitions could have been better. I think you could have made some cool sound effects at certain parts. Maybe make some cool filter sweeps with the piano. I think if you gave it another week it could have a lot more creative.
Not too bad

Very nice and creative melodies. I think that it could have been shorter. At some parts the melodies feel random.

Father-of-Death responds:

guess what, the entire arpeggio is randomly generated in Fl Studio's sampling thing. I just picked the chords i wanted it to play then played with the arpegio settings and recorded it. finaly someone has told me to make my songs shorter i would have never thought that would happen, i used to only make loops for years.... i mean i still make loopy shit tho so idk w/e

Love that intro with the nice guitars. I love those awesome synths that come in! Those synths at 1:04 light up the song. I like those cool video game sounds that come in. The song continues to shine as the next part fades in. I like the part with the drums and guitar. The piano also sounds really nice with it. That end was very nice and a very great way to end a song!
Loved the song. The melodies were super creative! This is definitely now one of my favorite Newgrounds songs. I do think parts of the song could have been mixed better and maybe some reverb with certain instruments. But I honestly care more about the creative side. Great work!

AlbeGian responds:

I'm super glad you liked it.
The excuse I have for the lack of mixing in everything I do is that I have an order from the Supreme Court of the United States that prohibit me from mixing my tracks. Yeah that's the main reason... not the lack of experience or anything. yeah. lol

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Whoa bro this is cool :D

AlienNinjaGD responds:

Thanks man!

Love it Troisnyx! :D

I like it man! Nice work!

Hello. I'm Felix Zophar. I write music. I do art. And I animate. The DAWs I use are Auxy, and FL Studio! But besides that, I'm just a dumb old kid who writes music, follows random people, and writes on the bbs! My Geometry Dash account is FelixZophar

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