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I use FL Studio and fl mobile along with Flash 8 for animating. My geometry dash account is FelixZophar if you want to play with me. If you want to send me a sample to flip for trap bangers email it to me. Make it more chords and less melodic.

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Posted by FelixZophar - 2 days ago

Posted by FelixZophar - 3 days ago

So I don't think I'll be active a lot. I've been struggling to come up with some ideas. My life is crazy at the moment and I will deconstruct it for you so you guys can understand. It might take me a few days for me to respond to your DMs or messages. I just kind of need a break for the moment. Some time until I can get some ideas into my head.

So I have a few projects that I have been working on. One I think will go somewhere, but the other few I don't think will live much longer. Usually with me if I don't pay attention to the project for a week or two, and then go back to it, I get some good ideas and most of the time it gets finished. The song will not be a trap song, but more of a happy, pleasant song. You'll probably see it in a month or so. Once things start to settle down.

Another thing I'm dealing with is school. School has been very harsh lately with the amount of workload I have. I haven't had much time to sit down and actually work on something for once. I'm trying hard in school and I want to succeed. But I also care a lot about my music and I don't want to let any of you down.

But I have some good and exciting news. I am in the process of working on a collab with a famous artist and it will be out in over a month. I'm very excited to share it with you guys and the song will be on some big promotion channels. Yes, way bigger than Dope Beats. So I cannot wait to share that song with all of you guys.

Lots more will be coming in 2020! Stay tuned!


Posted by FelixZophar - 10 days ago

If you are sick of seeing trap music from me, you better pray I finish this:



Posted by FelixZophar - 3 weeks ago


His name is Trey

Listen to his song HOLY: https://youtu.be/g9JKu77L4Ec


Posted by FelixZophar - November 27th, 2019



Posted by FelixZophar - November 21st, 2019


Posted by FelixZophar - October 30th, 2019


Let’s give it up for my boi @senjorhaze

He just made an account so go follow him!


Posted by FelixZophar - October 20th, 2019

Alright I'm now doing a 300 fan qna. For those who didn't know, I promised a 300 fan qna, so ask questions. I will answer. You can ask me whatever you want.


Posted by FelixZophar - October 14th, 2019

If anyone wants to ghost produce in my music hit me up with a sample. Please make the sample more chords and less melody. Email it to me at felixzopharfanmail@gmail.com

I will still leave reference to you so it won’t be 100% ghost production.


Posted by FelixZophar - October 8th, 2019

If you give me 300 Newgrounds followers I will give you a big QnA.

If you give me 500 I will do a voice reveal.