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I use FL Studio and fl mobile along with Flash 8 for animating. My geometry dash account is FelixZophar if you want to play with me. If you want to send me a sample to flip for trap bangers email it to me. Make it more chords and less melodic.

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2 Years, and here I am!

Posted by FelixZophar - July 12th, 2018

2 years, and 138 fans later, I'm at this point! Today is my two year anniversery on NG! I just want to thank everyone whose been following me. I want to greatly thank these people: @TheSharkBite, @VarsityCreations, @MRM3, @DashSlayer25, @CreeperX3sssBOOM, and there are a few others, who have been supporting me a lot lately. I just want to thank you all for your great amount of support!

Also, I'm PLANNING on doing a 150 QnA. So, if you have any questions, ask them. You can ask TWO questions! I won't start until at least five people have asked me questions! Two people already have! Comment them bellow!


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I got thanked! Yay!

What is your favorite genre of music?

Thank you, Zophar!
Could we collab?


What activity would you say was most responsible for getting you fans?

congrats man ^^ i am happy you got this far. it is quite a milestone. i am glad you made it this far and i hope you will grow so much more and make more new awesome friends as well as improve and learn new things ^^ anyway i wish you the best and i hope i can support you in the future as well. anyway if you need quiestions i will contribute as well ^^ so here i go:

1. what is or are your biggest dreams/goals for the future?
2. how did you get through the rough times when you went on the internet to share your creations?

(so that are my two quistions. if you need more i can always come up with some more ^^ anyway good luck with everything and i hope you will get to 150 fans soon ^^ )

I think those two will be enough!

wow, ok.
do you have anything in mind?

How bout you?

Hrm, not anything in particular.