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I use FL Studio and fl mobile along with Flash 8 for animating. My geometry dash account is FelixZophar if you want to play with me. If you want to send me a sample to flip for trap bangers email it to me. Make it more chords and less melodic.

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FelixZophar's News

Posted by FelixZophar - December 8th, 2018


So, I haven't released anything in a few weeks. That's because I've got about five ideas and I cannot complete any. It's very frusterating. I might only release one, maybe two tracks before the end of 2018.


Zophar (2018)


Posted by FelixZophar - November 13th, 2018

Today, November 13, 2018 I have just hit 200 fans. That is something I never thought I would come close to achieving! I've also improved immensly. My tracks going from bullcrap, to amazing masterpieces. I'd like to thank you all who have supported me.

Good day!


Posted by FelixZophar - November 8th, 2018


Posted by FelixZophar - November 2nd, 2018

I've noticed my newer songs are getting around 3.5 - 4.25 star ratings. Why do people all the sudden hate my music?


Posted by FelixZophar - October 6th, 2018

You heard me right! I won't be making many news posts anymore. I'll be posting, on my music thread!


And if you guys want to know what I'm doing, just hit that like button in the corner, and you'll get notified every time I make a post! Don't worry I won't make too many!5959098_153885432373_bandicam2018-10-0615-31-38-415.jpg worry I won't make too many!


Posted by FelixZophar - September 30th, 2018

Hey guys! I just started my official music thread! You can check it out. Basically you can hit that heart in the corner, and you'll get a notification every time I post there! Don't worry I won't pack you guys with notifications. But you can ask me questions, give me tips, and kinda do stuff... I guess. But you can check it out!


Also punching bags is almost done!


Posted by FelixZophar - September 23rd, 2018


Everything's been dealt with. So, I'm moving on. So, basically, I'm moving to a new school. I start tomorrow. I'm kinda nervous. I just got FL Studio trial. So, it's not the full version and I didn't buy it. I will upgrade though someday because I really like FL.

Now, I'm going to talk about animating. So, I'm working on a project right now. It's called: "Punching Bags" and it's a madness animation. @ad611 I think you might want to see it. How long is it? What is it about? How many frames are done? Not important. But I'm going to finish it, and you guys are gonna love it!




Posted by FelixZophar - September 18th, 2018


I need a serious break guys. There has just been something major that has hit me. It can affect me for the rest of my life. It's crippling me mentally and I'm having a really hard time. I need a break. And, I feel my three recent tracks: Egyptain cat, The Top of the Night, and Prisoner came out bad. And it's because of what I'm dealing with. I am going through producer's block as @LordJabeebus calls it. But I just need a serious break. Some of you already know what's going on: @ad611, @MRM3. But if you want to know, PM me. I'm not spilling it out for the whole world to know.


- Zophar (2018)


Posted by FelixZophar - September 9th, 2018

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to come out and say I just don't want to do music production. I'm also getting into flash animation. I really love it! But my stuff keeps getting blammed. But I'm going to make my next stuff count! So, I'm not just doing music. But also animation.


- Zophar (2018)

Posted by FelixZophar - September 3rd, 2018

Hey guys!

I've got a major update. So, once school starts. I won't be using my computer a lot. Mainly on the weekends, but no other times in the week really. That means I'm going to be making less music. So expect a song probably every 2 weeks. But school is going to be really hard on me this year.

I'm working on a project. I'm making a bruh.io flash animation using sprites. If you guys want to make one too, let me know and I'll get you the sprites.